BLOCKv, the shared protocol for the blockchain developer stack, represents the interface moment in the maturation of the blockchain sector.

BLOCKv is the interface moment for blockchain. BLOCKv provides interface protocol overlay on the developer stack – the layer necessary to unleash exponential mainstream adoption. BLOCKv enables the rapid development and distribution of interactive smart objects – “experiential currency” – that interact with the end user. The most common units of provision for blockchain applications are virtual currencies, and yet the UI layer for this asset has yet to mature. BLOCKv allows the currency to come alive and interact meaningfully with the end user for the first time. In essence, it turns virtual currency into dynamic virtual goods. The power of distributed ledger architecture is now connecting to the actual end user experience on top of a shared data layer that becomes more powerful with each additional application built. At its heart, BLOCKv is an open source, shared protocol that enhances the underlying distributed ledger and is made available to individual applications. BLOCKv provides the vital piece of plumbing necessary for usercentric, revenue generating blockchain applications. When a conduit of value like a Bitcoin or Ether token evolves from a simple container or smart contract to an emotionally satisfying multimedia experience, the promise of widespread adoption can be realized. Suddenly cryptocurrencies become not just units of value but units of engagement value as well. This enhances the nature of digital ownership with the power of human imagination. Now digital currencies can retain all the advantages of cryptocurrency such as scarcity, ownership, and tradability, but can also take the form of:

  • collectibles; digital esports cards, rare digital art, etc., any digital creation can be imbued with scarcity and emotional power and traded on global exchanges with transparent economic incentives back to the creators in perpetuity.
  • coupons; redeemable smart objects come alive with 3D multimedia visual representations of value, dynamic incentive structures, and functions that change based on location, sharing, and real-time external events.
  • loyalty programs; cryptos completely change the nature of loyalty programs, providing dynamic vehicles for long term and value-based relationships with consumers. Having true value-based distribution vehicles shatters today’s fading models of point systems and app overload.
  • gift cards; shifts the industry from impersonal, cumbersome stored value cards to dynamic, visual, tradeable, and deeply personalized and emotionally satisfying virtual goods. As actual products are represented and delivered seamlessly at the speed of light, redeemable virtual objects fundamentally change the gifting model.
  • medical; scarce, traceable multimedia cryptos communicate within completely new formats, using the asset class as a means of information and value delivery. Prescription bottles come alive and refill themselves; secure HIPPA-compliant communication is spawned within the objects for more efficient provider/consumer communication; informed consent videos and immutable signatures create enhanced experiences, streamlined processes, and improved compliance.
  • gaming: interoperable virtual goods between games and the real-world has been a goal of the digital game industry for decades, yet continually out of reach for lack of an independent trust layer that could adjudicate between disparate systems, companies and retail environments. BLOCKv goods visualize differently depending on the device and environment, yet maintain their structural integrity, uniqueness and identity as cryptocurrencies. This provides the open and freely available mechanism for collaboration across the industry and opens up vast new revenue streams with retailers and brands.
The use cases and applications on blockchain enabled by a shared interface layer on blockchain are no less vital, diverse, and numerous than the apps in the App Store. The difference between the old model of the Apple App Store and the new decentralized model, is that BLOCKv is not claiming central ownership of the platform, but rather building an important service powered by its protocol coin, for and with the developer community. BLOCKv is the shared UI layer for the next generation decentralized economy.

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