Crypto Improvement Fund

The CIF asset will offer an all-in-one functionality as a business incentive, marketing tool and customer loyalty program.

The main incentive behind this asset is the CIF Business Rewards Program. This program will reward businesses for their increased awareness, involvement and acceptance of the cryptocurrency market. To qualify for the rewards program, businesses must incorporate and use cryptocurrency as a viable payment method for their clients. The type of cryptocurrency at this point is not defined due to the fact that this asset is meant to increase the awareness and acceptance of the cryptocurrency market as a whole entity – not promote an individual coin.
The program will be offered at zero cost to the businesses involved with our value added services being our revenue source. To qualify for our rewards program, businesses must show 6 months of sales transacted via cryptocurrency. We are implementing this procedure to ensure members of the program are legitimate and to reduce the leaching of CIF. The business must also show proof that the means of payment (various altcoins) are advertised and communicated to clients. Businesses will receive a quarterly amount (“allowance”) of CIF based on total asset value once calculated upon ICO completion. The allowance will have to be recalculated against total asset price if asset price increases or decreases. Total quarterly CIF allowance will be calculated based on the monetized volume of business conducted with cryptocurrency. Greater volume of transactions will equal a greater allowance. The goal is not only to incent businesses to use cryptocurrency, but reward them for doing so! Cryptocurrency training and consulting will be offered to businesses who are involved in our rewards program (see – Value Added Services). This allows them to exchange CIF for Fiat currencies or use CIF for our value added services and customer loyalty altcoins. With CIF, the merchant demand is reflected back onto the underlying market which in turn increases the value of the altcoin. CIF is an altcoin with a fixed supply. Considering there is a certain finite amount created for qualified businesses per quarter, the value will continue to rise as demand increases and supply is controlled. The CIF unit price will continue to rise making the program more attractive to new businesses and more lucrative for early adopters.

All-over Rate
01 Oct, 2017 - 01 Jan, 2018
Restricted areas
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